Mom refuses to accept support? Create possibility!

  |   Elderly parents, Seniors

Much too often, Arcadia gets phoned by families in crisis.

A minor health issue, a bad winter storm, or sudden demands at work push family caregivers beyond what can be expected from them. We are glad to respond in such situations, often within 24 hours. But how much better to avoid such disasters and start a conversation now!

So often Arcadia Home Care meets adult children who are convinced their Mom or Dad will never accept assistance or will even address the issue. This belief prevents possibility. And possibility is all that needs to be created.

The elderly parent needs to sense that it is possible to maintain independence and dignity while still accepting the reality that she can’t manage all that is needed in order to remain home safely with a high quality of life.

Just because Mom or Dad “shut you down” when you carefully suggested that there are home care services that can provide support doesn’t mean others can’t open the door. Sometimes it takes an objective outsider to present a range of options. It is often easier for an outsider to help elderly parents embrace the possibility of preserving their freedom while accepting home care support.

We are glad to help you start the conversation with your parents that can improve their lives — and yours! Don’t hesitate to call us today to arrange a time to meet.