5 Way to Keep Seniors Active During COVID

  |   Health and Wellness, Seniors

Staying at home with our seniors remains to be the safest option during this pandemic. However, this might be limiting to the activities they used to do since they are unable to go out and about to do activities. Here are 5 activities to engage your seniors with fun activities and something new to look forward to.  

1. Dance Party  

Taking a stroll around your neighbourhood a great opportunity to get some exercise and get fresh air. However, as the season is changing and it is getting colder; your senior might not want to go outside. Instead, put on some music they like and have them move and groove to the beat! Listening to music promotes relaxation, improve productivity and lowers stress. Nostalgic music can offer even more benefits for physical and mental health, memory and important social connections 

2. Games  

Puzzles, board games, classic games or ones you make up; the options are endless. Read our blog post about the health benefits tied to playing Bingo here. Playing games offers seniors various benefits such as better hand-eye-coordination, improve memory, and increase cognitive functions.  

3. Arts and Crafts 

If your loved one is a painter, knitter, or writer, encourage these creative activities! Even dementia patients respond well to activities with yarn as it provides a soft physical stimulation. It can be difficult to find motivation during these stressful times, but this is a great way to keep the hands and mind busy so as to not dwell on things. Activities that provide a finished product creates a sense of accomplishment which will boost their self-esteem. These activities can be shared with the community by donating or gifting those around them as a token of connection through these contactless times.  

4. Baking   

There are countless recipes that can be found online that are in line with any dietary restrictions your senior might have. The process of baking is shown to help alleviate stress and increase cognitive function due to the attention and repetitive mechanics. Your senior will also find a sense of accomplishment and level of independence by creating a final product that everyone can enjoy.   

5. Virtual Activities 

The City of Toronto has created a section dedicated to virtual activities that can be enjoyed through. There are various activities that can be enjoyed with the whole family. Another amazing resource created by Alzheimer Society of PKLNH and Alzheimer Society of Oxford is a guide called Together Apart: A Guide to Visiting from a Distance. This resource provides details specific for seniors with Alzheimer’s and how to keep them engaged while maintaining social distancing measures.  

What are some activities you have been partaking in with your loved ones while social distancing? Let us know in the comments!