5 Misconceptions about Home Care Services

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As we get older, it is a natural part of life to need some extra assistance from family members. Home care services exist to provide support to families to help everyone’s mental, physical, and emotional health. It is understandable for seniors and families to be hesitant if you are newly looking into these services.  Below, you’ll find 5 common misconceptions about home care services and the actual realities and benefits they provide. 

1. A home care agency cannot provide the same level of care that a nursing home does. 

At a nursing facility, for every one nursing assistant, they might be responsible for 5 to 10 individuals at one time! Their attention and time are divided to various people which means no one is receiving specialized personal care they deserve. At Arcadia Home Care, our Personal Support Workers provide the care your loved ones need in the form of respite care, part-time home care, or live-in care. Choosing any of these options will provide more specialized, personal, and involved care than a nursing home would or could offer. When there is a 1-1 relationship, the caregiver is able to focus, pay more attention, and interact with your loved one tailored to their specific needs. 

2. Home care services are a replacement for family and friends. 

This common misconception is the furthest from the truth. In fact, by bringing on board a caregiver to your roaster of support, family and friends to utilize their time more effectively with their loved ones. A caregiver can help release stress and allow for family and friends to take a break and recharge. Taking care of loved ones with conditions that require a lot of attention can cause family caregivers to feel overworked and very stressed. By offloading some tasks is a responsible and positive action for both yourself and your loved one. Family caregivers are able to present and provide their time and help much better when they are balanced mentally, physically, and emotionally. 


3. Home Care services are only needed after my parent or loved one has a bad accident. 

Having a caregiver present significantly decreases the likelihood of accidents, debilitating conditions, and serious injuries, while increasing the safety and quality of life through prevention. When your loved one has a cognitive condition, a trained personal care aide can remind individuals to take their medications, be conscience of things like stoves being left on, doors being closed and locked, wondering at night, and other ailments of chronic diseases. Unfortunately, most family members do not consider hiring an aide until the situation has gone from suitable to extremely hazardous and/or life-threatening.  

4. Seniors lose their independence. 

As people age, their desire to be independent remains if not increases. By having a caregiver present, the loved one will not lose their independence, but in increase a person’s independence by prolonging and possibly preventing a major accident, enhance safety and quality of life. Your loved ones might not be alert and vigilant as they once were, however asking and receiving help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of maintaining what they can do and continue to do things for themselves.  

At Arcadia Home Care we believe it is important to match your and your loved ones to your caregiver through our assessment process to ensure on optimal care.  

5. Home care workers tend to abuse the seniors  

Unfortunately, when this happens, it causes a bad reputation for all caregivers, including the honest and caring ones. This won’t happen if you ask the homecare agency about their process in screening their applicants and if they are conducting background checks. When interviewing the caregiver, you intend to hire, ask your own set of questions about the training and certification they received, personal mandate, as well as feedback from the families they have worked with 

If you don’t have any idea which agency to partner with for your senior loved one, you can trust Arcadia Home Care for any type of care. We have been providing care to families for 15 years and have countless positive review highlighting our commitment to clients. Our caregivers go through a detailed vetting process and have shown their willingness to provide the highest care standards of integrity, quality, and reliability.  

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